For anyone who has attended an advertising conference over the last few years, you know that we’ve been stuck indefinitely in “The Year of Mobile.” At this point, I think we can all agree that mobile is here to stay and is key to any brand’s digital advertising strategy. If you want to compete, you need to be mobile. That’s where your customers are, so that’s where you should be too. Right?

Absolutely—but it doesn’t end there. Mobile advertising technology is finally starting to catch up to the way people are consuming mobile content, and that provides the opportunity for brands to get more creative than ever before with their mobile campaigns.

It also puts mobile video front and center.

3 Reasons Mobile Video Isn’t Going Anywhere

In 2015, we saw a steady uptick in mobile video functionality: higher bandwidth has brought improved video quality, mobile optimized creative means better, more personalized user experiences, and easily trackable engagements make for quicker conversions (like sharing a video, purchasing a product, or downloading an app). These advancements will only get better, and mobile video will continue to change the way marketers reach and attract new consumers.

There are a number of stats supporting and validating the amount of growth anticipated in mobile video for 2016. Here are three main reasons why video is working so well for advertisers—and why it’s here to stay:

1. Hunger for Mobile Video

According to a study done by ZenithOptimedia, video consumption on mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) is forecast to grow by 43.9% in 2015 and 34.8% in 2016. This is due in large part to the consumption habits of young consumers as well as the proliferation of video content being shared via social networks by both consumers and brands.

The same study states that the average amount of time people will spend consuming online video each day will increase by 23.3% in 2015 and by a further 19.8% in 2016. With Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and now HBO adding tons of new programming to their on-demand services, these numbers will likely continue to grow beyond 2016.

2. Unique Mobile Video Content is King

Back in October, I attended the Videonomics conference in Santa Barbara, CA. Many of the major brands and agencies in attendance mentioned that mobile video content creation is a major push within their organizations, and the creative storytelling behind mobile video is crucial to their digital campaigns.

One example of great mobile video execution discussed at the conference was the partnership between Tony Hawk and MINI USA under the leadership of Lee Nadler, MINI’s Manager of Marketing Communications. As a long-time brand ambassador for MINI, Tony Hawk creates his own video content (incorporating the MINI brand) to share with his social media followers. This has proven to be the best way for Tony to retain his authentic brand while also highlighting his partnership with MINI Cooper.

There are a number of videos (here’s one) showcasing how Tony has created unique content bridging his brand with that of the MINI Cooper—and the positive impact the relationship has had on both brands.

We’ll likely see more of these types of symbiotic marketing videos moving forward.

3. Mobile Video Drives Conversions

A study of online fashion retailers showed that those using video on product pages saw a 134% boost in conversions. An A/B test of a fitness product sales page saw a 46% uplift in click throughs to the purchase page when the sales page included a video.

These are just a couple examples of many, but it’s quite clear that mobile video drives lift in conversions. We see this at Liquid in our own performance-focused campaigns: because of its engaging content and reliable performance, mobile video continues to take up a large percentage of our clients’ media plans.

Next Steps for Moving Forward

I think at this point we can all accept that “The Year of Mobile” is really just a constant state of being for today’s digital marketer. I’m hopeful that 2016 instead becomes “The Year of Mobile Video,” and that we see even more brands allocating creative and budgetary resources to this highly effective marketing channel.

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