Publishers Clearing House has long been known as a platform offering a chance to win, but over the last few years it has also gained recognition as a key player in the digital advertising space under the name “Liquid.” Now, in an effort to more closely align PCH’s B2B offering with the rest of the company, we are excited to announce that the Liquid arm of the business is rebranding to PCH/Media.

At a time when advertising technology is becoming increasingly complex and confusing, our goal is to make our B2B brand story and products as simple and straightforward as possible. Our story starts with our audience data, and it’s undeniable that that data comes from PCH’s customer registrations, engagement, and purchase activity. Changing our name to PCH/Media communicates upfront—clearly and simply—who we are and what we do: 

We are from PCH. We offer media solutions.

Finally, you’ll notice that the style and imagery of our new brand looks quite a bit different from before. We are moving away from stock photography and instead relying on photos of diverse groups of people who represent the real experiences of life in America and with our brand. Our data comes from real Americans consumers—PCH members—and our goal is to portray the tangible, human element of this data in contrast with the anonymous, cookie-based data that is so prevalent in market today.  

We are from PCH. We offer media solutions. And our data comes from real, American people.

So what does this mean for you? A cleaner, simpler experience—with the same innovative products, reliable data, and consultative service you’ve come to expect.

Contact us to learn how PCH/Media can help you run more effective campaigns.