The Challenge

PCH/Media was charged with helping FCB/RED and their client MilkPEP – the national milk marketing organization responsible for campaigns like Got Milk? and Milk Moustache – to increase traffic, registrations, and engagement for a promotion they were running as part of a larger Team USA Olympics Sponsorship.

Brought on board eight weeks into the 11-week campaign, PCH/Media had just three weeks to create a plan, turn around a proposal, and generate results.

The Strategy

PCH/Media used our first-party, premium audience data to create personalized, one-to-one mobile and desktop ad experiences.

The Tactics

Taking what we already knew about FCB/RED’s target, PCH/Media used our first-party demo, behavioral, and purchase insights to accurately identify and build two core audiences of PCH customers who would be most likely to engage with the MilkPEP campaign: Moms and Coupon-Takers.

Within four days of our first meeting with FCB/RED, PCH/Media was running hyper-targeted, personalized ads to these audiences across Publishers Clearing House properties on desktop and mobile. The campaign was live for 11 days.

The Results


In just 11 days, PCH/Media delivered nearly the same number of registrations that previous marketing tactics had delivered in the first 48 days.

  • 197% increase in average traffic per day
  • 310% increase in average registrations per day
  • Exceeded registration goal by over 30%

In-Store Sales

During the promotion, the white milk category saw:

  • 2% relative sales lift at grocery
  • 1.3% relative sales lift at Walmart

In a time of category declines, this increase was like moving mountains for the category and the milk brands.

Insights and Leads

Along with the registration results, PCH/Media provided personalized shopper audience insights for the category and added thousands of new leads to the MilkPEP email database. These insights and leads will continue to add value to future MilkPEP promotions and offers.