The Challenge

A national toy retailer wanted to drive awareness of online products to a core audience of Moms with children between the ages of 0 and 7, within specific geographic locations.

The Strategy

Liquid (now PCH/Media) used PCH’s first-party demographic and behavioral data to implement a strategically targeted campaign across devices and channels.

The Tactics

First, Liquid employed a demographic segment of “Moms with young children,” which included female PCH customers with kids between the ages of 0 to 7 in the household. To further expand the campaign’s reach, Liquid created a custom segment of people who had purchased young children’s products from PCH, helping the retailer reach shoppers who have a high propensity to buy these items again in the future. Liquid also layered on proprietary location data to ensure that the ads displayed toys actually available in each shopper’s local stores.

To amplify the efficacy of the campaign, Liquid contextually targeted these audiences on websites and apps relevant to Moms and Parenting. It also applied daypart targeting to reach them on nights and weekends when they were most likely to engage.

Liquid fully managed the campaign optimization, applying white and black lists of sites and apps at an extremely granular level. Spend was optimized toward the platforms driving the highest engagement rates.

The Results

  • Nearly 2X increase in engagement rate

  • Exceeded impressions goal by over 16%

  • 0.95% CTR – Nearly double that of other publishers

Sources: Retailer’s third-party tracking partner; PCH analytics

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