Below is a rough outline of the CAB meeting schedule. A more detailed agenda will be provided closer to the event!



Wednesday, April 26

Day 1

The Press Hotel 

[Composing Room]


Morning Arrivals (Those arriving from the West Coast will likely need to fly in the night before. We will work with you on flight arrangements that suit your schedule!)

1pm | Welcome Lunch

2pm | Introductions & State of PCH/Media

3pm | Product Roadmap Review

4pm | Round Table Discussion

5:30pm | Break

6:30pm | Drinks & Dinner


Day 2

The Press Hotel

[Composing Room]

9am | Breakfast & Morning Session

10am | Breakout Discussions

12pm | Lunch

1pm | Afternoon Session

2pm | 30-Minute Wrap-up

Late Afternoon & Evening Departures