Will my customers download our app? Will they pay with mobile? If we launch a reward or loyalty program, will they register and participate? Where are they shopping?

Directly connecting with your customers – and making smart digital investments – requires an intimate understanding of consumer preferences and behaviors. The problem: Traditional consumer research and behavioral methodologies are expensive and time consuming, and aren’t always representative of your target base.

Powered by a community of consumers that love sharing feedback, and verified data on user preferences, purchase history and vital demographics, PCH provides a remarkably different, easier and more cost-effective approach for gathering consumer insights.

PCH is a trusted consumer insight partner for brands looking to quickly uncover customer intelligence, and understand where and how to engage and invest. Our digital surveys can quickly and efficiently gather input from tens of thousands of actual customers, verified targets, specific personas or custom data segments.

The insights take the guess work out of digital investments – and help our partners launch smart, targeted programs that resonate directly with customers and grow their businesses.

Our community is always paying attention and ready to share where and how they like to engage – contact us today to see how you can leverage PCH Consumer Insights to make smarter digital investments, and get closer to your customers.


PCH Consumer Insights can answer critical questions like:

  • What do my customers want in an app?
  • Will my base participate in a rewards program?
  • Where do my customers shop?
  • What kind of promotion will influence targets to try a new product?
  • How does my brand sentiment compare to competitors?