The top marketers know that performance and action are the metrics that matter. But to drive action in today’s congested marketplace – and shorten the time to conversion – marketers need to find audiences that are actually paying attention.

PCH helps marketers cut through advertising clutter by providing access to an influential community of consumers that are ready to act and engage. Our community of consumers is unlike any other – they live, breath and play with PCH every day, and follow our recommendations to buy, download, register and engage. 

This intense loyalty enables PCH to create integrated online and offline campaigns that activate customers like no one else can – enabling our partners to grow sales, build direct connections and strengthen customer loyalty.


Many of the world’s leading brands rely on PCH’s Customer Activation campaigns to grow:

  • Qualified leads

  • Mobile app downloads and installs

  • Loyalty program signups

  • Contest registrations

  • Marketing registrations

Our community is always paying attention and ready to try something new – contact us today to see how you can leverage the PCH community to drive action.