Publishers Clearing House Media is the trusted performance partner for brands and marketers looking to drive action. Leads, app downloads, loyalty program sign-ups, sweepstakes entries and more – the PCH performance advertising model delivers.
How does PCH’s approach differ from traditional marketing strategies?
We help brands and marketers connect directly with real people in an environment where they are paying attention. Our consumers are deeply engaged and ready to act.

When people are engaged, brands win.

We augment our partners’ traditional media strategies by providing access to millions of head of household buyers who are ready to listen, engage and buy from our partners. We activate this community through the power of winning.Our community of consumers is unlike any other – they live, breathe and play with PCH every day, and follow our recommendations to buy, download, register and engage. The result for brands: intense loyalty and incredible engagement from real people – and an opportunity to connect directly with their customers.

Are you ready to engage and convert real people? See how PCH can deliver the results you need:


Drive Leads through Winning Moments

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