PCH for Programmatic Partners

In today’s crowded, complex and cluttered digital ecosystem, digital marketers are demanding more return for their ad spend.

PCH provides marketers, agencies and programmatic buyers access to the high-performing, premium inventory they crave, in a brand-safe environment. Our audience data is accurate and reliable, because it comes directly from PCH’s loyal and engaged members. It’s based on declared identify data – not models or cookies – and that makes a big difference.

Subhead 1: Unmatched Digital Performance

-        Create image comparing PCH’s video completion rate, Nielsen DAR on Delivery and AVOC score to the industry averages

Subhead 2: Engaging with the Best

Users spend more time on PCH properties, per session, than they do on Facebook and Instagram combined.

-        Include image/chart on average user time spent, per session, on PCH vs. common social properties

Subhead 3: Performance You Can Trust:

Smart advertisers insist on working with publishers that actively fight ad fraud. PCH is proud to be one of the first and only publishers to have earned all three TAG seals through independent certification.

-        Include three TAG certification logos

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