Winning Moments and Winning Marketing

Call Out Box 1

Users spend an average of 9 minutes per session on our properties – more than Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

Call Out Box 2

PCH reaches 73% of US households



At PCH, we’re often associated with big checks and sweepstakes. And we own that 100 percent. Our community’s passion for free-to-play, chance-to-win opportunities gives our partners a critical advantage over competitors: access to millions of positively-orientated consumers ready to follow our lead on what to buy and who to engage with.


The typical consumer turns to PCH to break away from day-to-day stresses and the craziness of life. They search, browse, shop, consume content and play games on our platforms, doing what they enjoy most while earning tokens to enter our sweepstakes and win rewards. This creates an incredibly hopeful, positive and exciting experience that drives deep loyalty and incredible engagement.


So, who makes up the PCH community? Millions of head of household buyers with disposable income to buy more than $1B of products from PCH every year. Our community consistently buys and patronizes beauty products, big-box stores, CPG brands, household goods, OTC medications, quick serve restaurants, travel services and more.

To engage with us, consumers must provide critical demographic data. And because, if we can’t find you, you can’t win, the data is accurate and verified, not modeled. We combine this information with purchase history and behavioral data to give our partners everything they need to connect with their customers and create winning marketing campaigns.

Marketers can leverage over 350 demographic and purchase-based data segments – ranging from moms and bookworms to household shoppers, health nuts and pet parents. The bottom line: We know our users and our users love us. We put this influence to work for our partners. It’s brand-safe, highly-effective and proven.