To drive action in today’s marketplace– and shorten the time to conversion – marketers need to connect directly with their customers. PCH helps marketers cut through the clutter by providing direct access to a community of loyal consumers in an environment where they are paying attention, in a positive state of mind and ready to take action. For the PCH consumer, the hope of a winning moment is always around the corner.

Winning is at the core of everything we do – it fuels positivity and loyalty and is one of the most effective and time-tested strategies for connecting and engaging with real consumers. Marketers can now access PCH’s marketing platform and community to build, grow and retain their own audiences.



Find your Winning Moment with PCH today


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Branded Giveaways

Drive qualified leads and gain unique insights into your consumers through branded giveaways. Our Branded Giveaways help you reach your consumers when they are fully engaged, in a positive state of mind and ready to win. We promote your giveaways across PCH’s digital properties and drive quality leads, sign-ups and insights.

Co-Branded Sweepstakes

PCH is famous with American consumers for its sweepstakes giveaways and big checks. Integrate with the PCH experience and gain access to the entire marketing machine, including emails, push notifications, homepage placements and more. Our Co-Branded Sweepstakes drive qualified leads, app downloads and registrations, quickly and effectively.

Homepage Takeovers

Planning to run a sweepstakes, or already have one, but in-need of more entries? Integrate your sweepstakes directly into the PCH experience and start receiving qualified leads and participants right away. Our community is always paying attention and ready to try something new – contact us today to see how you can leverage winning moments to drive the results you need.